The Time Machine cemented author H.G. Wells as the father of modern science fiction. In it, the Time Traveller embarks on a staggering journey 800,000 years into the future, where he is propelled to the age of a slowly dying Earth. There he encounters the highly evolved Eloi, as well as the brutish Morlocks who lurk beneath in tunnels. The Time Machine offers a harrowing and penetrating look into a proposed future for mankind, and illuminates its roots in the present. This Essential Classics edition includes a new introduction by Professor Vivian Heller, Ph.D. in literature and modern studies from Yale University.

Guy has voiced for us two book-length projects so far, and one shorter project. Guy is extremely professional and dedicated. It was clear from the outset that he cares about the quality of the projects, and has an ear for narration that has been invaluable. It's a smooth and pleasant process working with Guy! -Amelia Senter, Lukeman Literary Management, New York City