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Praise for The Diamond Ship

Great story!

Myself and my 3 children have just finished listening to this and we all loved it! They especially liked the pirate voice narration and the incredible detail of life onboard a pirate ship, including some really gruesome bits. I liked that it is based on fact and is historically accurate!
Highly recommended!! - Audible Reviewer

Why are pirates called pirates? ‘Cus they Aaargh.

This is an amazing story, full of fascinating and well researched facts. Told Brilliantly with passion and realism by Guy Barnes - Audible Reviewer

Here’s a true diamond of historical fiction that's waited 300 years to be told. 

History and legend remember many pirate stories and captains - but until now not the true story about the pirate crew who seized the most valuable treasure hoard ever taken on the high seas! In the year 1721, a British pirate captain named John Taylor, accompanied by a French captain nicknamed The Buzzard, seized the richest single booty ever to come into pirate hands. Taylor and his crew of mutineers took a treasure so valuable it would have taken almost 50,000 years to earn as honest sailors. The value of the riches finally convinced the Kings of England, Portugal and France to join forces for the first time to hunt pirates down and create the beginning of the end of the Golden Age of Piracy. 

The Diamond Ship follows the true journey of this band of unruly pirates, in a story which until now has lain buried for three centuries in odd pieces of parchment and random scraps of marine diaries. With the exception of three fictional characters - a pirate gunner, a girl slave turned powder monkey, and a parrot, to help carry the story - the other characters, scenes, and even many of the conversations in this riveting tale really took place. 

There's not a pirate fan out there of any age who won't be enthralled with this new feast of pirate knowledge. Find out what happened as this true story unfolds, plus learn a chest full of pirate sayings and hitherto little known pirate knowledge. Recommended for swashbuckling fans, but only those who dare be pirates themselves!