The Boy in Wellington Boots is a true story. It faithfully recounts a childhood lost, as seen through the eyes of the young boy who lived through it and the hindsight of the adult author. 

The story charts the fallout for a family plucked from home and deposited in a strange and unfamiliar land where they are torn apart by infidelity, poverty, and sheer physical hardship. 

The author describes, in painful and frank detail, a young kid’s struggle against the neglect, hunger, and abuse visited upon him by circumstance. The account goes on to follow the author's onward journey to maturity and beyond. 

The material for The Boy in Wellington Boots provided the bittersweet inspiration for VM Frost’s previous novel, By Conscience Bound.

Guy Barnes – a real professional – and a gentleman to boot

When I decided to engage a narrator to bring my story to life, it was with trepidation. I was reluctant to entrust such a personal story to a stranger. The voice and style of narration had to be perfect; after all, this was my story and  only I knew how it should sound.

The instant I listened to Guy’s sample of my book, I instinctively knew that he was the man for the job. He narrated with the passion, sadness and joy that my story deserved and after minimal coaching, tackled some of the foreign words in the story admirably.

Guy worked tirelessly and delivered ahead of schedule, always remaining in contact and responding quickly to my correspondence. When the project was complete, Guy surprised me with the addition of a beautiful piece of music, entirely composed by himself. There is, it would seem, no end to his talents. As for the end product, it was flawless and completely at one with the mood I had wanted to project through his voice.

VM Frost, Author