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Praise for Ringstraked

 The world building was rich and the strong characters skillfully brought to life by Guy Barnes made this an epic story. - Audible Reviewer

Well narrated with easily distinguishable character voices. - Audible Reviewer

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Written by Brian Keith McPherson and narrated by Guy Barnes.

From the Drowning of the Earth, nations are born. Old fathers become kings. Early generations live for centuries. Later generations are dying younger. Giants roam. But the gods are weary of the wars of men. To banish war, they intervene. From the sons and daughters of men, they choose champions. To each champion, they give a peculiar gift, shared by no other. And upon each champion, they place also a peculiar mark, which no man can forge. By this all men know them, for they are Ringstraked. By rite of single combat they stand or fall, to thwart the avarice of kings and the cruelty of giants. But to the east lies Babylon and the Giant King, Imrodin. There, he waits in the shadow of the Tower of Heaven. For the gods have torn the nations from his grasp. But he will not wait forever. To stop him, the King of Heth must raise an army carved of many nations. At his side is Isila, champion of Heth, the Woman of Stone. Together they march north to conquer Thrace, but first they must face the aging King Herapses and his champion, Casban, the Rider of Winds.