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About. to tell my story?

I have been involved in music all my life from the moment I saw Elvis on the telly when I was 4 years old in the film Fun In Acapulco I fell in love with music and knew I`d have a lifelong affair with it., motorcycles have also been a lifelong passion so this website is dedicated to both!

I got my first real guitar in 1980, it was this beat up old nylon string and I tried taking guitar lessons art school but the idea of having to learn scales and classical music for grades just wasn’t something that interested me, I wanted to be Elvis and Elvis didn’t play Bach! Of course I would come to regret not sticking with it but I was young and stupid so my education with guitar playing came from playing along to records in my bedroom.

I wrote music from the moment I could hum a tune and I knew from a very early age that I wanted to write big chorus driven songs so naturally my biggest passion was the big rock bands and I soaked up

Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, Europe, Ozzy, but also loved the great singer songwriters like George Michael, Burt Bacharach, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and Elton John and as such seemed to end up writing songs that were rock but very singer songwriter at the basic level and learned early on I wanted to write songs that in their barest form stood up by themselves, I seem to write depending on mood and guitar based songs tend to be rock and piano based songs tend to be ballad.

I had a great apprenticeship in studio recording and production under the mentorship of legendary audio pioneer John Oram and in 1995 he built me a studio for me to cut my teeth and hone my skills

and I can honestly say it took my at least 15 years of hard work to truly feel able to produce master quality music and I am still learning of course but to me the songs have to come first, no point being an artist if you don’t have the songs..

I have written songs for many independent artists and companies from Universal records and Warner Bro`s and Sony Entertainment to Many different radio stations, film companies and corporations but it’s been a while since I have released any music as an artist..

I have a side hobby acting in independent movies and also narrate audiobooks, I have 2 films coming out soon, Rock Band Vs Vampires and Typo and I have just finished narrating a new version of Bram Stoker`s Dracula

I have performed all over the world and currently reside near Faro in Portugal and fully intend to pick up my guitar and play a few shows 

Always happy to talk!

R xx

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